Scott Brands

After fishing for Rainbow Trout as a youngster, I developed as an angler and now target just about everything that swims. My first love, however, will always be Bass fishing. Bass can just be caught so many ways from a drop shot to a hollow body frog, and the variety is what keeps me coming back for more while learning a variety of techniques in the process.
I now fish out of a Jackson Coosa FD and started fishing competitively in the Colorado Kayak Fishing Club. After winning the first tournament I ever entered, I went on to win Angler of the Year in the 2017 Bass series. Competitive angling really brings out the best angler in you as you want to perform well when money is on the line and you have to adapt your fishing style based on what the fish want versus your preferred method of catching those fish.
I enjoy writing blogs about fishing as well as creating videos for my YouTube channel Big Fish Bucket List. I'm constantly striving to learn more about fishing in all aspects while keeping an open mind whenever anyone (of any skill level) is willing to divulge information.
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