Nils Parborg

I started my fishing career in rivers in the lower parts of Norway, around Oslo, fishing for anything that would take my bait. Later, at about 11 I started into fly-fishing and fished a lot of locations around in Norway from way up north to the southern parts. I also fished a lot for pike in the same time period.

One thing that always bothered me when fishing, was that it seemed like all the good spots where hard or even impossible to reach. This lead me onto kayak fishing and it has had me for the last years and it doesn’t seem to want to let go. 

The fishing I usually is for pike or perch. Pike usually in larger lakes and perch sometimes in smaller. Sometimes I also fish for trout in smaller ponds in the mountains. For me I have found my perfect kayak in the Jackson Coos FD as it lets me cover distances, is nice to paddle to reach those hard to reach places and stable enough for me to stand comfortably (I’m 200 pounds+ and 6’2”)

We, as in my family now have 4 fishing kayaks and use them during the summer for outings and fishing. It’s a great way to experience the outdoors. My youngest daughter (Nora, 9 years.) love to go fishing in her Jackson Skipper and caught her first pike last summer and landed it unassisted.

I also do some competitive, but that is mostly to meet other anglers with the same passion for kayak fishing.