Jenifer Jakub

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Name:  Jenifer Jakub

· Nickname:  Jen

· Height:   5’ 5”

· Hometown:  Seattle, WA

· Advocate for Which Kayak:  Rogue

· Why you are so excited about this kayak or what you love about it:  It's ideal for self-supported whitewater trips.

· How you got into kayaking:  I went rafting and was hooked on whitewater, so I decided to sign up for a week of kayak instruction at Ottawa Kayak School.

· What rivers we can hope to meet you on:  Local Seattle runs, I love the Green.

· One place you hope to take your kayak at some point:  Any wild & scenic multi-day river I haven't done yet!

· Something Crazy About you: I love to stand on my head!

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