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Growing up in the amber waves of Kansas, I started fishing at a young age.  My dad would take me to local lakes, ponds, and rivers to fish for everything from sunfish to flathead catfish.  As I grew older my love of fishing grew with me.  I started learning everything I could and exploring new opportunities to chase fish everywhere I visited.  From fly-fishing mountain streams to sea-run salmon in Alaska; I loved it all. When I saw a kayak on the curb of a local garage sale in 2010, I knew I had to give kayak fishing a try.  Little did I know that moment would fuel a passion to move beyond the banks to angling in untouched water throughout the midwest region.

It wasn’t long before I scoured the internet for the best Kayak to explore local fisheries and, most importantly, a kayak that fit my 6 '5 frame. I thought my world opened up with that small sit-in kayak, but I was not prepared for the opportunities that were created when I found the “right” kayak.

The addiction grew. I started competing in local fishing tournaments, meeting new friends, and exploring new waters. I married my best friend and welcomed two beautiful kids into the world (lucky for me they support and encourage my passion). I found ways to share my love of the outdoors with others and support efforts to preserve our natural spaces. I added kayaks I could peddle in big water and kayaks that I could paddle down small streams.  While the locations and lures have changed, my passion for kayak angling has continued to grow.

It all started with the goal to chase new water, but led to new friends in a growing community. I look forward to seeing what is around the next bend in the river.

Recent Posts